He came like a thief in the night: Darkly veiled and tip-toed.
But I saw him out the corner of my eye.

There was a second of silence because the sound refused to creep past the lump in my throat.
And then it came.

My uncontrolled scream.

Who was he and why was he in my house?!

A mouse!

Unfortunately, fall in the Midwest comes with miniature unwanted visitors. I didn’t realize that our purchase of a large, 100 year-old suburban house would mean lots of small crevices that are perfect for little mice to seek out when the weather begins to change. While I used to associate mice with dirty homes, now that one has invaded my private domain, I have quickly learned that it has nothing to do with cleanliness. In fact, according to the exterminator, it has more to do with easy access, the desire for a warm refuge, and the hope that the residents will unwittingly leave crumbs of food around.

Launching into full desperation and propelled by fear, I’ve thought about turning the heat way down and having the entire family walk around in snowsuits. I’ve implemented strict rules regarding where food can be eaten. Unfortunately, the 10 month old likes to put food everywhere: He often turns his dinner into an organic body scrub and then proceeds to scrub his hair and body with the night’s cuisine. I’ve found food in places I never imagined…spaghetti noodles in his diaper!

While I would prefer not to share the news of our visitor’s arrival with everyone, Max finds it to be perfect fodder for impromptu “Show and Tell.” A fake smile forcefully appeared on my face when Max proudly proclaimed to a visitor:

“I know what a mouse looks like. I’ve seen one in our house!”

The visitor and I looked into one another’s eyes. With a smirk, he graciously replied that he knew a few other people who had complained about the same issue. Internally, I thanked him for not making an embarrassing situation even more embarrassing. Kids say the darndest things!


This week I purchased this polka-dot fabric. I’m anxious to see what I can create with it! In the meantime what embarrassing things have your kids said in front of company?


  1. Your post reminded me to go check my traps. It is gross when they get forgotten a couple day!! glad i found your blog. I also sew and hope to add it to my blog eventually.


    1. It is gross! I can’t even look at the traps…I beg my husband to check the traps before I go downstairs! I just started sewing and I love it. There are so many great seamstresses who are blogging. I look forward to seeing your designs!


  2. I hate mice in the fall! They eat boxes of food and find ways to get in everywhere. So sad makes me never want to go downstairs so I can’t find them.


  3. Oh, I love mice. Obviously not running around in the house though.

    As for embarrassing moments from the kids; I could write a book. The most recent one was in Asda when my two year old pointed at the wine and shouted “Mummy’s juice! “


  4. Thankfully, we’ve only had one mouse & our dogs barked and barked to let us know he was there. 😉 I hope you figure out a good solution to make sure those cracks are filled soon!


  5. I live in the country and we always get mice around this time of the year! Thankfully our kitty has been keeping them out of the house (At least that is what I tell myself so I can get a good nights sleep lol)
    As for embarrassing things my kiddos said, last week I took my 4 year old with me to go grocery shopping. there was an older lady I was trying to be nice to, but she really was in the way and moving super slow.
    My 4 year old took in upon himself to ask me super loudly “Mom do you think she knows she is pokey or should I tell her.”
    She didn’t turn around so I have my fingers crossed maybe she was hard of hearing, I was so embarrassed!!!


  6. You know as part of my marital vows….I fully disclosed that I am deathly afraid of mice. In fact, our agreement is that we will just move out of the house until the mouse leaves. I have actually done that….moved into HOTEL while there was a roden in the house during law school.


  7. I live in the middle of nowhere, and mice are just par for the course. Everyone lives in a 100 or more year old farmhouse, and they’re always full of mice. The best you can do is bleach everything frequently.


  8. Oh no! I would cry. We once had a mouse in our house, and my cat killed it and it was fine but boy oh boy did I tip toe after that. This was back in our old house in Kingston where it was near a big open field. Yuck!


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