It was 11:00pm and the alarm went off. Kwabs jumped out of bed and gathered his things.

Shoes: check.

Jacket: check.

Keys: check.

He jumped in the car and sped off to the airport to pick up my sister and her guy.
He prides himself on punctuality, so he didn’t want her to have to wait long.

An hour later I heard his footsteps on the hallway stairs followed by his voice.
“I thought your sister arrived tonight?” he said.
I drowsily responded, “No… she arrives tomorrow!”

These are the types of things that happen when you are trying to juggle too much! Can you relate?
It is always nice to have family visit; however, it takes so much to prepare for their arrival. I always want the house to be perfect! In addition to cleaning the house and changing the linen in the guestroom, I’ve recently begun to prepare welcome baskets for all of my overnight guests. Despite best intentions, my sister’s visit caught us off guard: I forgot to go to the store to pick up the items needed to fill her basket!

So what did I do?
I improvised.

When Kwabs went to pick her up the next day, I rushed around the house selecting items that would fit into her welcome basket. I took a few granola bars from the top of the refrigerator, assorted candy from the cabinet, a few water bottles, and fresh towels. To round it out I included …leftover fortune cookies. Don’t judge me! I had to be creative: The basket looked empty! Of course, Max watched me gather the items and was concerned that I was giving away the last of his treats. “Now, daddy is going to have to buy more granola bars! Why are you giving her all of our granola bars?” As usual, I told him to hush.

Fortunately, my sister arrived in one piece and, when she left, the granola bars were still in the basket. Max was thrilled.

We had a great visit with my sister and enjoyed rooting for her guy as he ran the Chicago marathon. In addition to entertaining our guests and all of the other activities that come with being a wife, mommy, attorney, etc…I found the time to make her an infinity scarf just like this one.


These are extremely simple to make. In fact, I have decided that all of my family members will be receiving one for Christmas! What do you guys think of the infinity scarf? Are there any special things you do to prepare for guests? Have you ever gone somewhere only to realize you were supposed to go on a different date or at a different time?


57 thoughts on “WHAT ELSE COULD GO WRONG?

  1. That scarf is Bella!! How lucky is your sister to share in your talents and energy- Babushka’s tired just thinking about all you do. Glad you got to have a nice visit, and that Max still got to eat his granola bars. ; ) BB2U


  2. I always try to have a welcome basket for my overnight guests, too. I get the running around and stuffing that thing full of stuff from the pantry at the last minute. Now, if I could just make a beautiful scarf like that, wow!


  3. Another masterpiece!! Thanks for continuing my tradition. Fruit,magazines,personal items like lotions, bath gels,etc. are nice. I try to make it with lots of love. That way they will know how honored we are to have them as guest.Another tip is try to figure out what your guest like for example, if they like popcorn add popcorn (Garrets) since you live in Chicago. However a small bag from your grocer would be appreciated just as much!


  4. wow you are non-stop! I try having everything set up for guests because you never know! Plus I stopped asking what else could go wrong 🙂


  5. What a pretty infinity scarf! I haven’t made overnight baskets for guests, but my aunt does little things like that. I still have the little pink earplugs she had in a Ziploc bag for us when my mother and I visited her in California – I thought that was such a cute touch.


  6. What a beautiful scarf! Your family members are going to love receiving such a lovely, thoughtful gift. And your story of preparing for guest arrivals sounds just like what I am doing this afternoon. I am at my beach vacation home in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico, and my parents are flying down to join me for two weeks. And they arrive in two hours! The maid team came in yesterday to change all the linens and make everything sparkly clean, but I just finished running to Costco, Sam’s Club and Mega to round up their favorite drinks and evening snacks. I plan on taking them to some fabulous restaurants and doing tourist activities with them, so I have my notebook out with a whole agenda of fun things to do in and around Puerto Vallarta. I just wish I had thought of buying a gift basket like you do and filling it with special things. But a consolation for me is that the maid team did make beautiful towel animals on top of the beds!


  7. OK first off i loveee that scarf and your hair. gorg. i travel a lot and thank God things have went pretty smoothly for me. however, when traveling there are tons of things that can happen. i usually say a prayer and he keeps me.


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