I reached into his plate and took a small portion of his food. After all, it was delicious and he wasn’t going to finish it.
He quickly snapped, “Mommy, don’t eat that!”
“Why don’t you want me to eat it?” I asked. I was stunned.
His retort was rudely benevolent. “Because I don’t want you to be greedy!”
*Insert blank stare.*

Perhaps it’s your significant other who serves on the food-police force and monitors every taste you take; however, in my household, it’s four-year-old my son who is a member of the food police. Although only 4, Max loves saying things like, “Mommy, please save some for the rest of the family” or “Mommy, please don’t eat another piece…you always eat it all!”

This past weekend, my husband and I packed up Max and Myles and took the long drive to County Line Orchard, an apple orchard located in Indiana. Max was super excited. After picking a few apples he turned to Kwabs and I and excitedly said, “can we make apple pie and pumpkin pie tonight?!”

I have no idea who Max thinks we are.

Neither Kwabs nor I bake; we prepare.

This usually manifests itself in the unrolling of cookies from a package of ready-made dough and their placement on a cookie sheet. Nonetheless, Max continued to talk about his desire and NEED for apple pie. Of course we caved in and agreed to bake an apple pie…okay I confess. Kwabs agreed to bake an apple pie and I agreed to get an apple pie recipe off Pinterest.

The pie turned out delicious: In fact, it was too good: I have very little self-control when it comes to desserts–particularly warm, baked, desserts. Once I take a bite, I CANNOT STOP!
Every time I saw the apple pie this week it beckoned to me…In my head, I heard the pie singing, “you know you want it” to the tune of Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines. Fortunately, I was able to resist…most days, thanks to Max’s loud pleas for me to exercise restraint.


In between taking trips to the apple orchard, working, baking…okay locating apple pie recipes, eating apple pie and taking a sewing class I made this pleated wrap skirt ! This is the second wrap skirt I’ve made however this time I did not use a pattern. I found a tutorial on Pinterest and tweaked it by adding a high waist and a much longer belt. It was relatively easy to make and I love it!! What do you think of the skirt? Which of your activities do your kids or significant other have a tendency to police?


83 thoughts on “OMG IT’S THE POLICE!!

  1. I am the same exact way with desserts. One bite and I am done for – I have soooo much trouble stopping myself. Like, I have eaten MANY whole pies in one sitting.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the skirt! Zion is the speeding police for me, I know I shouldn’t speed & usually don’t I just like to keep up with traffic, either way he definitely “polices” my heavy foot, lol.


  3. Your son sounds adorable and that apple pie sounds awesome! I wish u was talented enough to make a cute skirt like that. It turned out amazing! Love the tie on the side of it.


  4. What a pretty skirt-you did a fantastic job! As for the food police-that honor goes to my Mom–“you don’t really want to eat that do you? or “But you had enough already-didn’t you?” Very glad I live in my own apartment!!


  5. Very Nice Skirt & Love The Shoes :-)!
    How concern at such a young age, That’s Special!
    Sweets are my weakness, especially your moms cooking during the holidays…


  6. That wrap skirt is gorgeous! The whole outfit is flawless and perfection. I love it. And how funny that your little guy was like don’t eat that!


  7. Ha! Your Max sounds like a real hoot. What an adorable child. Yay for yummy apple pie! That skirt looks amazing too. I have the baking down… now I need to venture out on the fashion part!


  8. I love the skirt. I was I was that creative, I tried knitting a few years ago never worked out. My boyfriend hates my dance parties in the mirror to 80’s classic, very early in the morning. lol


  9. Total confession here…I am the food police. I cannot stand for people to take, touch or taste things off of my plate! And forget saving anything for others! How awful am I! I say ALL the time, if you want some, get it (or order it) for yourself! LOL! I make my entire family nuts. 🙂


  10. I love your blog! I also love desserts. I understand the apple pie beckoning to you. This was a great story. The skirt is super cute! You found the pattern on Pinterest? I had no idea there were sewing patterns on there.

    Thanks for sharing.


  11. I don’t have any children but my sister is the food monitor of the family. It’s cute when children take on that role but annoying when adults do it. Love the skirt! It looks super cute on you.


  12. My 4yr old Chamryn is the bad words police, “Mommy can’t say be quiet, shut-up, WTH, not one word that he disproves of, without his verbal ques and input” he is hilarious! Our kids keep us grounded…..Camille keep shooting for the stars while remaining so down to earth!


    1. Girl, Max is the bad word police too. I can’t say shut up and a bunch of other terms that aren’t technically bad words. He really gives me a hard time when I have road rage. He keeps me laughing. I love being a mommy.


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