There were hundreds of us sitting captive; yet, I stood alone.
An accident had occurred.

Isolated, in a room the size of a phone booth, my hands vigorously scrubbed-and I frantically prayed.
Please, don’t knock. Just give me some time.
There was bound to be at least one person who would rattle at the door-frantically needing to use the airplane’s bathroom.

Despite the planning. Despite the preparation. Despite insisting that he wear a pull-up on the plane. 4 year old Max had an accident during the flight.
Thankfully, no one knocked and I was given just enough time to finish the unpleasant task of ridding the shorts of their pungent odor.

After successfully cleaning up the evidence, I quickly walked back to my seat and hung the shorts to dry from the tray table. I again issued a prayer-this time, that the fabric would dry in the remaining 7 hours of flight time. But now an even bigger problem loomed. . . There sat Max wearing nothing from the waist down save his socks.
I knew what had to be attempted: Dressing 4 year old Max in his little brother’s size 3-6 month shorts.

To my surprise…he fit them! I am so glad he has his daddy’s genes.

To ensure that there was no evidence of what transpired, I scrubbed the scene: I wiped down the airplane’s soiled seat and wrapped my child in a blanket to hide what had just transpired.

Isn’t that what moms do? We come up with innovative ways to make it all better. A fourteen hour flight with a 9 month old and a 4 year old is an adventure all by itself and there are bound to be stressful moments that will one day make for funny stories.

I am happy to report that we survived the flight! Max walked off the plane in Daisy Dukes courtesy of Myles.
We all chuckled and thanked God we survived the journey.

skirt with bow

Upon returning home from our week-long vacation, we attempted to regain a sense of normalcy. Kwabs and I returned to work. Max and Myles returned to the sitter and preschool.
I was determined to complete a sewing project despite traveling and here it is…another maxi skirt and this time I made a belt to go with it!  It’s guaranteed to withstand any mishap on the ground or in the air and the fabric can even be cleaned in airplane lavatories if need be.

17 thoughts on “THE ACCIDENT

  1. Priceless! I think we’ve all been in situations like this one, but mom, keep a pull up in that purse whenever you travel. I, too, have learned that the hard way.

    Love your stories, Camile. Keep them coming.


  2. Sounds so familiar!! Yes we as Mothers do what we have to do!!! Guess what, even into adulthood(Thankfully not changing our adult children clothes LOL) but sacrifices continue!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Well, you can add great story teller to the list of exceptional qualities you possess! I had to chuckle at the situation, even though I know you weren’t laughing at the time. Where did you go for a 14 hour flight? For that alone you should get a badge of courage. By the way, skirt looks great.


  4. What a fun post! I think so many of us moms have had to deal with unforseen situations on the fly. And you handled yours with graceful style. Your children are blessed to be traveling and seeing the world at such a young age. 🙂


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