It was all so ordinary…

We were jogging and simultaneously bantering on about our husbands, work, and Max and Myles.
It was pitch black and very little light was coming from the street lights overhead-but only pure adrenaline (and not fear) coursed through our bodies. We were lulled by the comforts of suburbia.

Then, we saw him.
Standing alone. In the middle of the sidewalk.

Unlike others we usually encounter at that ungodly hour, he wasn’t jogging or walking a dog. He didn’t appear to be headed to his car as there were no cars parked on the block. He also wasn’t headed toward public transportation because it was several blocks in the opposite direction. With knowing glances, my friend and I simultaneously increased our pace- jogging while fleeing.

Once we got a few feet away, I couldn’t help but turn around and steal another glance at him. He had turned around. He stood motionless. His gaze met mine.

My stomach dropped.

My friend and I picked up our pace even more: Each channeling our own versions of Jackie Joyner-Kersee (albeit the 70 year old retired Jackie!).  But that must have been good enough because we eventually made it off the block and both internally thanked God.

Two days later we jogged again; however this time we were armed.

She came armed with heavy duty mace and I had what was advertised as the world’s- loudest- whistle hanging around my neck. Together we were unstoppable and fearless. (Until we spotted another would-be assailant. This time, in a trench coat).  I am happy to report we outran him too…or perhaps the sight of my whistle and her mace deterred him from coming after us.

This is my life…scheduling runs at less than ideal times in an attempt to stay in shape and still find time for everything else.  In the midst of running for my life after dark (and racing after Max and Myles) I am happy to report that I completed another skirt. This time I used fabric left over from my last skirt and made another pleated maxi skirt. Clearly, I love this style! I love pairing these skirts with fitted tops and/or my trusty jean jacket. The colors are bright enough to deter any would be assailant. And yet, I can’t recommend that you wear them while jogging in the dark…at least not in my neighborhood.

Perhaps my next project will be neon colored jogging outfits!



  1. Wow! That illustration was awesome! I felt as if I was there and couldn’t wait to read what happened next!! Awesome skirt by the way.. I can’t wait to see that “styles by Camille” fashion line that I know will be coming soon 😉


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