I don’t believe in magic. . .

 I believe in love everlasting.

Those are the lyrics to one of my favorite songs, Baby I’m Scared of You, by Womack and Womack.  Just the echo of its melody makes me want to get on the dance floor- even if I am all by myself.  I’ve always loved going to great parties, partly because I LOVE dancing.  In my younger years, I was known to arrive to music-infused festivities at 11pm (when the floor had been sufficiently warmed to my liking) and party until 4am!  But age, children, marriage—and just being grown–have changed that.  Now I prefer parties that end by 8:30 or 9pm.  *sigh*

However, on Wednesday night I was invited to a party at 3 am! I couldn’t believe it…who has parties at 3am?!

     9 month old Myles. 

Myles woke up at 3am and screamed and cried until I dragged myself out of my deep slumber to go into his room.  I knew what the deal was…the party was about to begin!

I brought him to our bed and gave him his party drink of choice…milk.  As he drank, I silently prayed he would return to sleep.  But like many of us who have been given our libation of choice, he started smiling, cooing and kicking his legs!  He was ready to party-and party he did for the next 45 minutes!  I’m sure he looked over at me and wondered to himself, “why would she come to my party with a hair bonnet on?! Just tacky!”  I stayed at his party for as long as I could and then delivered him back to his bed.  I had to be up in two hours for work and had four meetings scheduled, so I needed to be alert.

I am happy to report that in the midst of partying at 3am and all the other duties that came with parenting Max and Myles this week, I had two excellent sewing lessons!  I finished a wrap skirt complete with pockets and a belt!  It was challenging, but I learned a lot while making it.

What do you think?  I am considering pulling it out for the next 3am party…my mantra is if you have to party at 3am, you should at least look good doing it.


  1. Love, love, love that skirt! Great job. As for the 3am parties….as a mom to twins who are now 3…as much as I DON’T miss them, I DO miss them. Hard to describe, but that feeling of holding them as babies, rocking them back to sleep…..then again, I like staying asleep all night!! :))


  2. My son turns 2 on Monday and we still have those parties… Thankfully not often, but it does still happen. At least you have a super cute skirt for your next party! 🙂


  3. Hurrah for dancing (even if it’s by ourselves). 🙂 And I love the wrap skirt, it turned out great and the colors are pretty too!


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