Which runway should I choose?

Those who love me and are admittedly biased have predicted that Max and Myles Style will one day make its debut on a New York or Paris runway. At this point my aspirations are not quite that lofty, I will settle for a church fashion show! Attached are pictures of the first and only skirt I have made and the infamous tote bag I discussed in my first blog post. You guys already know what an ordeal it was to make the bag so of course the skirt presented its own set of challenges. I had the nerve to attempt to make it without using a pattern and instead tried to follow a YouTube tutorial that left out key steps! Once again I was out of touch with reality! Once I finished the skirt, the waist could only fit someone in the same size range as Max and Myles! However, with some coaching by my aunt and some tweaks I have managed to make it fit and I think both the bag and skirt look pretty good. What do you think?


DSC_9221 DSC_9242

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