All in a days work

“Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!” After a long day at work and a stressful, frantic race to pick up Max and Myles from Pilsen and River Forest before I am fined $20 by Max’s school for being five minutes late I can always count on hearing mommy repeated over and over again. That phrase is usually accompanied by “why” or “can I!” Yes, I love my boys and I love being their mommy but so many weeknights what I really long for is peace, quiet, and a long nap! As a result of my hectic routine it is often difficult to find time to devote to working on my “passion.” However, on Wednesday of this week I managed to sit down for another sewing lesson with my instructor, a close friend who is also learning to sew, and eight month old, Myles. Fortunately, Max went to bed early. At the beginning of the class I carried Myles in his carrier as I tried to concentrate on the instructor’s directions but eventually I handed him off to the instructor as I worked on finishing a skirt I started over a month ago. Once again these weren’t the ideal circumstances within which to sew but they are my reality and I am learning to make the best of less than ideal situations after all it is because of my boys that I have been inspired to create Max and Myles Style. What are your creative passions? What hinders you from devoting time to those passions?

Max and Myles Style's photo.

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