The Epic Failure

Last night I took the second of two “Make a Totebag” sewing classes at the Park District. To say it was an EPIC FAIL would be an understatement. To begin with I had to take Max and Myles with me to the first 30 minutes of class because Kwabs was running late. However, I wasn’t worried because I was prepared with snacks for Max and a bottle for Myles. I also offered Max my phone so that he could play games while I listened to the instructor. Prior to entering class I gave Max a speech about the importance of being quiet and letting mommy pay attention. He seemed to understand and agree that sitting still would be the best course of action. However, after being in class about 10 minutes he decided that rather than sit in his seat he would like to stomp around the classroom! Of course I gave him the look of death! He quickly sat down and then repeatedly stomped his feet from a sitting position. I’ve learned to appreciate the baby steps…at least he was sitting down. Meanwhile his eight month old brother, Myles, began loudly making raspberries, also known as spit bubbles, and decided that he would loudly exercise his vocal chords. Of course my classmates didn’t look over at me with that reassuring “we’ve been there too, it’s okay” look, instead they tried their best to act like Max and Myles were nonexistent and I know inside they were asking themselves why the heck did she bring kids to class. Kwabs finally picked up the boys after about 30 minutes so that I could work on my “passion.” During the next hour and a half of class I managed to break not one, not two but three needles, drop stick pins all over the floor, and sew all of my seams in crooked lines. I didn’t even end up with a finished bag!! Meanwhile the lady who never turned on a machine prior to the first day of class managed to finish an amazing bag in record time. After all of that I have to ask myself, “are you sure this is your passion? If it is you really suck at it!”

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